When Professor Jack B. Nimble gives the class an assignment to create their own tall tales, Cedar Wood knows her curse of never being able to tell a lie could get in her way. Unfortunately for Huntlynn, Cedar comes across a secret picnic and finds the perfect story to tell her class.


Professor Nimble tells his students to come up with a tall tale as their homework for the next class. This assignment is a problem to Cedar Wood, as she is cursed to not ever lie. She brings this up with the teacher, who says that she should find a true story that is dramatic enough to sound like a tall tale.

Cedar takes the advice and goes in search of an outrageous true story. Deep in the Enchanted Forest, Cedar spots Ashlynn and Hunter having a romantic picnic together and realizes they are dating. She confronts them about it, but they deny the allegation. Not one to be easily fooled, Cedar presents them with various pieces of evidence until the two lovebirds can no longer hide the truth. Cedar is proud of her discovery, but horrified when she realizes this is her tall tale, which she won't be able to keep to herself next class. Hunter, nervously eating peanuts, says something, but can't be heard properly with his mouth full. This gives Cedar an idea.

Next class, Cedar brings along a bag of peanuts. When she begins her tall tale, she stuffs her mouth, making her story impossible to hear. She keeps stuffing her mouth through the whole presentation, confusing most of her fellow students, but earning Hunter's and Ashlynn's gratitude.


  1. Jack B. Nimble
  2. C.A. Cupid
  3. Hopper Croakington II
  4. Kitty Cheshire
  5. Cerise Hood
  6. Madeline Hatter
  7. Dexter Charming
  8. Lizzie Hearts
  9. Cedar Wood
  10. Tiny
  11. Rumpelstiltskin
  12. Gingerbreadman
  13. Three little pigs
  14. Three billy goats gruff
  15. Ashlynn Ella
  16. Hunter Huntsman



  • When talking to Professor Nimble, Cedar's cricket hair piece switches from the left side of her head to the right.
  • How come Cedar is allowed to eat in class?