Madeline Hatter decides to go off script and run against Apple White in the Royal Student Council Election. Will Maddie's riddlish-filled debate win over the other students, or is she putting the cup before the kettle?


The whole student body is watching Blondie Lockes's MirrorCast show when she covers the matter of the upcoming royal student council elections. Apple White is running unopposed, as always, so the position is as good as hers. Apple is unfazed, promising that if she has no opponent, she'll use her debate time to outline her ambitions for when she is elected into the position.

Raven is annoyed by the situation and wishes someone would run against Apple for student council president. Maddie promptly decides to run against Apple, which surprises Raven. Nonetheless, the two quickly set up a campaign. While they are handing out buttons around the school, Dexter comes over to talk to Raven, but Maddie interrupts by pinning a button onto him. It gets into his skin and he walks away, trying to cover up the pain in front of Raven, while she just smiles.

Later, the students gather in the charmitorium to hear the debate. Blondie, the host and openly in favor of Apple, asks Apple why anyone would not vote for her. Apple sidesteps the question by replying that she would rule the student council like she will her kingdom: perfectly. The Royals cheer, but the Rebels glare. Blondie then asks Maddie why she's even bothering to run against Apple. Madeline answers in Riddlish, which no one understands, but has the Rebels cheering anyway. Now, it's the Royals who glare, and they don't leave it at that. The charmitorium erupts in argument, but Maddie silences everyone with the perfect solution: she and Apple will become student council co-presidents.


  1. Blondie Lockes
  2. Briar Beauty
  3. Cedar Wood
  4. Kitty Cheshire
  5. Hopper Croakington II
  6. Dexter Charming
  7. Daring Charming
  8. Cerise Hood
  9. Apple White
  10. Raven Queen
  11. Madeline Hatter
  12. Three little pigs
  13. Three billy goats gruff
  14. Ashlynn Ella
  15. Lizzie Hearts
  16. Hunter Huntsman
  17. Earl Grey
  18. Tiny



  • Hopper isn't initially sitting behind Dexter; he suddenly appears when the Royals start arguing.
  • At the beginning of the royal student council debate, Apple is momentarily not drawn wearing her tights.


  • Madeline speaks Riddlish twice in the webisode. The first time, her message likely is that if the student body always goes with the same president, how do they know for certain Apple is the best choice. The second time, she appears to say that the doors are already big enough (since Tiny manages to get inside and out).