Way Too Wonderland - Red Knight

The Red Knight, also known as Chase Redford, is a character in Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There and is the Red Queen's adopted son, as well as part of her chess piece escort.



The Red Knight is a gallant and loyal knight who sometimes apologizes after he's done what he's needed to.


Like the White Knight, he is fully covered in armor. But true to his name, the armor is colored red, silver, black, and crimson. He regularly wields a sword.

Under is armor however, he has fair skin and pitch black hair with red highlights.

Fairy tale

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He is the adopted son of the Red Queen.


TV specials

The Red Knight appears at the front of the Wonderland High school and forbids the girls from leaving the grounds until they graduate. He leads them to their first set of classes. In the fourth class of the day, the Red Knight shows up as a chess piece and battles against the White Knight using his sword, but Raven suggests a dance off against each other. But because of his lack of dancing skill, Raven is betting that the White Knight would win. The Red Knight is later called into Courtly Jester's office and is the temporary vice-principal in her stead. Since the school is now under his jurisdiction, the girls face a challenge as the only way to get out of detention is a trial by swords. The White Knight comes to their defense and blocks his attack and the two have at it for the whole day. In Card Castle, the Red Knight surrenders and praises the White Knight after being left defenseless. Way Too Wonderland